Right & Rights s.a.l

Media Rights aggregator and sublicenses TV services to other platforms in Lebanon

About us

has been established in July 2012, as Lebanon's leading specialists in media aggregator that sublicense TV services to other platform in Lebanon.

has dictated itself in the Lebanese territory, by facilitating and creating more opportunities for lebanese cable operators to select among a wider grid of media packages.

Meanwhile acquisition of rights include: LaGardere, Ultra, Alfa and MBC+ Drama exclusivity, additionally to ART and Star channels, to formulate a portfolio consisting of Arabic and English channels comprehensively 28 channels and still keeping up the process in acquiring further rights from different providers as to reach a bundle of 52 channels till the year end.

channels are listed as follow:

LaGardere: Tiji, Mezzo, MCM Top, MCM Pop

Ultra (HD): Ultra Hits, Ultra Fiesta, Ultra docs, Ultra Kids, Ultra film, untamed sports.

Alfa: Al yawm, safwa, Arabic series, series +4, cinema1, cinema2, music now, fan.

Star: Star movies HD, Star world HD, National geographic channel HD, Nat geo adventure HD

ART: ART Aflam 1, ART Aflam2, ART Hakayat, ART Hekayat 2, ART cinema

MBC+ Drama